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ALMUERZO / LUNCH Fruta fresca / Fresh Fruit Melón con Jamón / Ham and melón Pan de ajo / garlic bread Hamburguesa / Hamburger Hamburguesa Happinez ( con ensalada y chips) / Happinezz Hamburger ( with salad and chips) Pasta con langostinos / Prawn Pasta

BOCADILLOS / SANDWICHES Tosti / Tosti ------------- I don´t know what you you meant to say with these Perrito Caliente / Hotdog Bocadillo de jamón y queso / Ham and Cheese sándwich Bocadillo de Atún / Tuna Sandwich Wrap de Atún / Tuna wrap

HAPPINEZZ TAPAS 1. Solomillo a la parrilla / Grilled Tenderloin Steak 2. Palitos de pollo / Chicken Sticks 3. Albóndigas / Meatballs 4. Pinchitos Morunos / Pincho Moruno Kebabs 5. Alas de pollo fritas / Fried Chicken wings 6. Costillas de cerdo (picantes/dulces) / Pork Ribs (hot/sweet) 7. Patatas bravas / Fried potatoes with spicy tomato sauce 8. Empanadas de carne o pescado / Meat / Fish Pasty 9. Gambas al ajillo / Garlic Prawns. 10. Calamares a la romana / squid rings fried in batter 11. Sardinas a la parrilla / Grilled sardines 12. Mazorca a la brasa / Grilled corn 13. Tortilla / Omelete 14. Campiñones al ajillo / Garlic Mushrooms
15. Espárragos con prosciutto / Asparugus with prosciutto Menú Tapas para 2 personas (5 Tapas)/ 2 persons Tapas Menu (5 Tapas) Menú Tapas para 2 personas (10 Tapas)/ 2 persons Tapas Menu (10 Tapas)

Carne / Meat ---- Servido con ensalada y patatas fritas / served with salad and fries Costillas de cerdo picantes o dulces / Pork Ribs (hot/sweet) Solomillo de cerdo con salsa (Pimienta /Setas) / Pork tenderloin with sauce (Pepper/mushroom) Filete a la plancha / Grilled steak

Pellentesque habitant morbi tristique senectus malesuada fames?

PESCADO / FISH ---- Servido con ensalada y patatas fritas / served with salad and fries Gambas a la plancha (6 unidades)/ Grilled Shrimps (6 pieces). Pescado del día / Fish dish of the day. PAELLA Happinezz Paella / Happinezz Paella Paella ilimitada / Unlimited Paella --- Domingos y miércoles / Sundays and Wednesdays. NIÑOS / CHILDREN Espaguetis a la boloñesa / Spaghetti bolognese Pollo con patatas fritas / Chicken with fries (*** i am not sure if you want to meant french fries or chips, in case you want tos ay chips, you can use the same Word in spanish and english) POSTRES Sueño Español (Licor 43, crema batida, salsa de chocolate y hielo). Spanish dream ( Liquor 43, whippet cream, chocolate sauce and ice) Scroppino (Hielo, Vodka y Prosecco (don´t know what it is) / Scroppino (Ice, Vodka and Prosecco). Tiramisú casero / Homemade Tiramisu

Welcome to a special place Happinezz on Pinet Playa Ibiza where you can enjoy the most delicious Tapas end daily fresh fish snacks and meals. We got sweet Cocktails, Sangria and a lot Happinezz! Under the warm sun of Ibiza we welcome you ... Good food and drinks with friends, fun in the tropical Ibiza direct on the beach, we will do everything to make you feel at home ...Welkom by HappineZZ Ibiza


kitchen open from Monday—Thursday: 2.00 pm—11.00 pm | Friday—Sunday: 2.00 pm—11.30 am Bar open till 12.30

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